Le Coucou

Stephen Starr and Chef Daniel Rose bring chandeliers, chanterelles and champagne to Lafayette Street and, yes, Le Coucou is French. The beautiful space is designed by Roman and Williams (Upland, The Dutch, Lafayette) and matches the couture cuisine precisely. Try the scallops with black truffles or the fried quail and please, pinkies out when sipping your champagne.

Chef Daniel Rose began cooking simply because he liked eating. Before heading into the kitchen, he studied ancient Greek, dreamed of kayaking from Texas to Guatemala, and tried to join the French foreign legion. His passion for cuisine was sparked during his time in France attending the American University of Paris. After graduation, Daniel moved to Lyon to learn to cook and enrolled in the Institut Bocuse cooking school. He has been privileged to learn alongside many talented cooks: as an apprentice as well as from many members of his own team.

After 6 years of apprenticeship and adventure all over France, Daniel decided to settle down and open a small restaurant. In 2006 he launched Spring, where there is no set menu, and the food is focused on seasonal ingredients. Spring is Daniel Rose’s vision of a classic French meal: abundant and excellent products from all over France, attentive service and carefully chosen wines.

In 2015 Daniel opened his second Paris restaurant, La Bourse et La Vie, an ode to the bistro. Here, he applies his experience and skilled precision to the most comforting of French dishes such as pot au feu and artichoke salad with foie gras; his favorites from his time in Lyon.

Although originally from Chicago, Daniel has never cooked professionally in the United States. Le Coucou will be his first stateside establishment in collaboration with acclaimed restaurateur Stephen Starr.

17 Orchard St., Lower East Side, NYC

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