Lil Frankie’s

From the name to the brick pizza oven this place is SO New York. Frank Prisinzano’s ultimate neighborhoody, red sauce Italian joint exudes NYC character and has satisfied the cool/casual downtowners and in-the-know, out-of-towners alike. Ask for a table in the back and tell them you’re Frank’s cousin. You won’t get any special treatment but it’ll feel cool to say.

Italy’s neighorhood pizzerias are known as really casual places to hang out, meet friends, eat, drink and talk. Lil’ Frankie’s is just that. They offer real Neapolitan pizza, made exactly as it’s made in Naples, fresh handmade pastas cooked to order, a wine and grappa list that rivals any in the city, and friendly (never pushy) service – all in a setting designed to make you feel at home.

Frankie’s brick, wood burning, oven was handcrafted by a 3rd generation Neapolitan oven builder, brick by brick. It features real lava from Vesuvio and through a unique double dome design, recycles heat to reach near 900 degrees.

19 First Ave, East Village, NYC