Murray’s Cheese Bar

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In 1940 Murray’s Cheese opened its doors on Bleecker and since then the whole city has just melted together. Some say the reason NYC is such a melting pot is due to Murray’s Cheese. Nah, that was cheesy sorry!  Gah, can’t help myself.  No rinds or reason 😉  While the original Murray’s is down the street with the monster deli counter, grocery delicacies and classes, the cafe, Murray’s Cheese Bar opened in 2012 for brunch, dinner, happy hour and fondue (!!!).

Bleecker Street has been home to the cheese shop for decades, and now it also becomes the birthplace to Murray’s Cheese Bar. Opened during summer 2012, owner Rob Kaufelt’s dream has come to life as they host you for a dreamy cheese experience.

The menu features cheeses plucked ripe from their caves and cheese traditions from around the globe. Stop by for a cheese plate you’ll fantasize about later, or a full dinner of baked, grilled, melted cheeses and more, along with wine and craft beer.

At Murray’s Cheese Bar, they believe that the delicious bites on their menu only tell part of the story. Not only are they interested in the cheese, but they’re interested in the people behind the cheese, the cheese makers, and learning about their journey. That’s why they proudly hold regular Meet the Maker events, where they host cheese and beverage makers in an intimate setting to give them an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge with our guests.

264 Bleecker Street, West Village