As if overlooking the park isn’t enough of a draw for a sparkling new bistro in Brooklyn, this one happens to be the long awaited new project from the minds of Maison Premiere. Fresh off their James Beard Award for “Best Bar”, the Maison team has opened this French-American bistro where the only thing cooler than the clientele will be the cocktails.

Born from the James Beard Award-winning team behind Maison Premiere, Sauvage is a vibrant expression of a neo-bistro. Located on the border of North Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, outdoor seating is accommodated by our patio, flanked by McCarren Park and the East River. Sauvage offers a new kind of transportive restaurant experience, far from the lush gardens of New Orleans and the dimly lit cocktail halls of past centuries.

Sauvage looks like it tastes. Precision, curvature and whimsy can be seen in their food and drink as well as their house. Though Art Nouveau might have inspired the blueprints, they have filled it with things they want to share, and so it softly changes day to night, and with the company of the guests.

905 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn


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