Clandestine Cabaret – Meet Me in Paris

Clandestine Cabaret

Gemini & Scorpio present Meet Me in Paris: a clandestine cabaret – a clandestine French cabaret, with live music, burlesque and variety acts, followed by late-night dancing and lounging in the softly-lit loft, absinthe and other special libations at the bar, and kissing on the sprawling roof. Avalon Jazz Band, with the sound straight out of the Parisian jazz scene of the 1940s, will be playing three full sets to swoon, sway and dance to, with deliciously naughty performances in between.

Get your Valentine’s plans set right now! Whether you’ve got a sweety or will be on the prowl, this clandestine French cabaret in a Brooklyn loft is your ticket to score on V day. Live music, burlesque, cocktails and dancing with the ultimate party planners, Gemini & Scorpio. Mind the dress code!


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