Hotel on Rivington in Huffington Post’s New York Guide

Hotel on Rivington bath in guest room

Huffington Post UK suggests staying at Hotel on Rivington during your next visit to New York City.

“Dark wooden floors and deep red furnishings create a deliciously private ambience at the Hotel on Rivington, and as the reception is on the second floor, you can slip in and out at ungodly hours without fear of being judged. Although saying that, you’ll want to spend most of your time in your room anyway. Floor to ceiling windows mean an eye-bogglingly near-panoramic view of NYC’s famous skyline, which you can ogle at even when you’re in the shower – thanks to a risqué window (but don’t worry, there’s strategically placed frosting).

Book a corner room and request a Japanese bath tub. It’s big enough for about four people, and you’ll be glad of it after a long day traipsing the city. After an indulgently-long soak accompanied with tea lights and mood lighting, wrap up in a robe and sink into the Tempur mattress or the armchairs draped in furry throws and watch the sun go down over the Big Apple. Or, you can camp out on the balcony – which, although small, is a delightfully unexpected treat for a hotel in Lower East Side.”