The Observer “guarantees” a better date experience at Jia.

JIA lounge area

Guarantee may be a loose term, but find out why The Observer “guarantees” a less awkward dating experience at our very own sophisticated lounge, Jia. An excerpt below:

“No one wants to go on a string of endless first dates in the summer, when you could be sucking down cocktails on a rooftop with people you actually like. Still, before cuffing season arrives, you have to land someone to get you through the winter, and summer provides ample opportunities to date, whether it’s by app or with someone you met in real life. Unlike winter, daters don’t want to cram into the nearest bar to chat over overcrowded cocktails. If you’re dreading dating and can’t stand the thought of a sit-down dinner or being stuck on a boat with a stranger, these locales will make you eager to meet someone—because at least you’ll have a story and some photos to relay…”