Month: June 2016

America’s Cup On The Hudson

Wipe your weekend schedule! Qualifying races for this year’s America’s Cup in Bermuda are being held Saturday, May 7th and Sunday the 8th on the Lower Hudson River.

Fourth of July – Penthouse

5, 4, 3, 2, Ka-BOOM! Get your tickets NOW for our annual Fourth of July party at Penthouse on Rivington!

Cafe Medi

At long last our new restaurant is here! Cafe Medi opens to the public next week and early returns from tasting previews are full of “noms” and “mm-hmmms”.

The Fat Radish

This should not be news to anyone, because The Fat Radish has long cemented its way into the concrete jungle as a haven for comforting and FRESH food.

Lil Frankie’s

Frank Prisinzano’s neighborhood Italian joint exudes NYC character and satisfies casual downtowners and in-the-know, out-of-towners alike.


As if overlooking the park isn’t enough of a draw for a sparkling new bistro in Brooklyn, this one happens to be the long awaited new project from the minds of Maison Premiere. Fresh off their James Beard Award for “Best Bar”, the Maison team has opened this French-American bistro where the only thing cooler […]

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