Walking Tours

Sunday Stroll

Sunday’s casual tour of SoHo and its surrounding neighborhoods is highlighted by World-Class Shopping and Delicious Food as every Sunday should be.

Saturday Stroll

A beautiful Saturday morning stroll through the Lower East Side, then zip over to Brooklyn on the F Train for a slice or a cone then walk back over the beautiful and historic Brooklyn Bridge for the most majestic view of Manhattan… Fuhgeddaboutit.

Downtown Artsperience

Want to satisfy your art fix without leaving a 10 block radius of the hotel? These 5 steps will give you enough info to make your friends back home believe you are a true Downtown NYC Art Aficionado.

Williamsburg Shop ‘n’ Play

Of course, there’ll be lots of multi-colored Ray-Bans, Gramma frocks sinched with big belts and plenty of weird haircuts but this plan will also help you uncover a few not so normal trends.

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